KcaveMen In Stock!!

Fuck Digital, Get Physical! Wilma, I’m Home!! The new KcaveMen album “Evolution” has dropped like a meteorite! The band has been frozen for over ten years, but now they’re back to start a fire with 18 tracks to club a bitch with! Order Evolution on CD or Vinyl today at Victim Gear! We also have […]

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Now Accepting AfterPay on eBay!

Due to incompatibility issues with our website, we have been unable to activate afterpay on our main website. However we have listed various items from our store on a new EBAY store, which does accept AfterPay and many more payment options than our regular payment gateway. Visit the store here !

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Site Upgrade!

Our site has been down over October/November 2018 due to upgrading our shop engine, we are adding new products to our site over xmas and the new year, including/introducing our On Demand Streaming Service which features Studio Classes by KidCrusher – and soon will feature our DVD collection. We have also added some new shirts […]

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Tech N9ne / KidCrusher – Adelaide 2018

KidCrusher returns to the stage with Tech N9ne, for the Adelaide show on his 2018 Australian Tour. This will be the second time Crusher shares the stage with Strange Music! While Tech is out promoting his new album PLANET (Available Now) – this will be the first time KidCrusher has hit the stage since Late […]

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Underground Creepshow!

The Underground Creepshow Compilation is an upcoming album hosted by KidCrusher, featuring artists of the underground. It gives unsigned artists the chance to be discovered and distributed along side other upcoming and established artists. The album will be put online Victim Gear and digital outlets such as; iTunes / Spotify / Google / Apple Music and […]

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New KidCrusher Albums 2018!

It feels like forever since we have had some new items for sale here hasn’t it ? BUT FEAR NOT! We have just got news that not one, but 3 new products from KidCrusher will be released in 2018. A full length album, an EP and standalone single! NOT ENOUGH?? We have also got word […]

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VIP w/KidCrusher Online!

Big fan of KidCrusher? Want to Live Video Chat with him in his studio monthly? Have the chance to win rare props, prizes and merch packs? And to top it all off, help support upcoming projects, while getting advanced teasers to albums and info? – JOIN KIDCRUSHER on PATREON!

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Tech N9ne / KidCrusher – Tickets


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New Shirts Available !


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New MM3D Details !

Introduction by Big Ian, which talks about bringing KC back to the United States, followed by KidCrusher Talking Shit about the new details of Metal Murder 3D. USA Fundraiser: The Drain Livestream:

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The Bundle Pack Is Back!!

The Bundle Pack Is Back for a Limited Time, for Halloween and Christmas is the discounted discography of not only KidCrusher, but every other Artist on Victim Gear. Save $100 and grab this bundle pack for only $200 with FREE SHIPPING world wide!! 21 items!!!    CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!!!   Package Includes: CD – Dead […]

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Posters Available – Limited Time!

We have printed up a limited supply of small 11×17 posters, Click Here to check them out!! We also have bigger posters available from a third party website, Click Here for those just adjust the sizes during checkout, discard the warnings for pixelated, as we have tested them and they are fine.

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Downloads Now Available!

We have decided to launch our own digital download store on the site, as we thought, not everybody has iTunes and wants to sign up to their terms of service. So we have created a simple, quick and easy download system, which allows you to download the album instantly after a low payment of just […]

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New T-Shirts In Stock!

LOADS OF NEW DESIGNS UP FOR SALE IN ALL SIZES, CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!! Featuring: KidCrusher. KcaveMen, Rectal Birth, EP Productions, XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Girly Tops, Fitted Girly Tops, Long Sleeves – QUALITY WICKED SHIT – PRINTED ON DEMAND !!

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Stash & KidCrusher

An Alternate Version of Stoned as a Mother Fucker has just been released by Stash & KidCrusher, featuring the original unreleased artwork and unreleased bonus demo tracks AND 4:19 demos! pick up both versions for $25 Each! Just like a J bag, Blaze It Up!    

Metal Murder 3D Vlog 1.0

Live from The Sick Room at The Cave Recording Studio, Adelaide, South Australia. KidCrusher TALKS SHIT about Metal Murder 3D. Australian Made Wicked Shit – Horrorcore In The Third Dimension – KidCrusher presents ” Metal Murder 3D ” Available World Wide Early 2013.

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Dead Creeps Orchestra

Straight outta da sewers of Poland and Sweden, The Dead Creeps Orchestra Re-Release their self titled album with Victim Gear, Australian Made Wicked Shit. Imported and Now In Stock !!   The album features 70 minutes of The Wicked Shit, including appearances by Jamie Madrox of Twiztid, Wolfpac and Artwork by David Hartman of Rob […]

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Hopsin In Australia

It would probably be easier if we told you what Hopsin doesn’t do, but Hop is an MC, producer, director, actor, and editor. And his journey has been anything but painless.   Stuck in special education classes, Hopsin did not see much of a future in high school. His teachers did nothing but reinforce the […]

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Metal Murder 3D

Click Here To Buy A Copy Of The Poster (Multiple Sizes Available)   The Third Edition of The Metal Murder Mixtape series is currently in production with Bub Zombie & KidCrusher, following will be a Limited 100 cardboard Digipak CD Release with a DVD and 11×20 Poster All Individually Autographed by KidCrusher. There will also […]