What is the difference between Lease / Exclusive rights?
LEASE, gives the client/artist the right to record vocals on the beat purchased and sell up to 10,000 units (cd/digital) – but ownership of the beat still remains to Victim Beats and they can still sell the beat to other Artists.
EXCLUSIVE, gives the client/artist full rights and ownership of the instrumental. The beat will be taken down from sale on the website and marked as sold. WAV Master files are also provided for Exclusives.

Will the annoying Victim Gear Voice Tag be removed from the beat?

Can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds on digital products.

Can I get a custom beat made?
Yes, contact us and we will get to work!

What payment methods do you accept
PayPal – which allows you to use a wide range of cards/bank accounts with or without an account.

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