New KidCrusher Albums 2018!

It feels like forever since we have had some new items for sale here hasn’t it ? BUT FEAR NOT! We have just got news that not one, but 3 new products from KidCrusher will be released in 2018. A full length album, an EP and standalone single! NOT ENOUGH?? We have also got word […]

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KcaveMen… Return for Snack?

Before Gondwanaland, Before Todd Hansen, there was Glob & Dong. The two original members of KcaveMen, also known as Peter Because and Malakian from EP Productions; KcaveMen started as an experimental playground project, and that is what we have wrapped up and delivered to Victim Gear.   The original demo album from KcaveMen, Featuring original […]

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The Nothing

What Is The Nothing? A One Man Experimental Band from the twisted metal mind of Horrorcore Icon KidCrusher under the alias “Rectal Birth” A Cybergrind Monster of an album produced entirely by KidCrusher under the influence of gallons of bourbon. If you’re into Industrial / Grindcore such as The Berzerker, Cannibal Corpse or Slipknot, This […]

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