Mp3 Album – Stash & KidCrusher – Stoned as a Mother Fucker (2007)

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Stash & KidCrusher has been a decade old tag team of two rappers who grew up together in the same recording studio, after years of collaborations, they finally mulled up a session together and get Stoned as a Mother Fucker. This is also the first appearance of The Grinch character from KidCrusher.

Track Listing:

  1. Stoned as a Mother Fucker
  2. Married To The Bong
  3. How To Ask This
  4. Purple Hayze (feat. ill e. gal)
  5. Spark That (feat. chico)
  6. Smoke (that is all)
  7. The Grinch On A Dope Pinch
  8. I Need That Killa Shit!
  9. Wassupwidyaeyes?
  10. It’s 4:20 Ya’ll
  11. Ms Jackson (Unreleased)
  12. Smoke Skit

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