Mp3 Album – KidCrusher – Metal Murder 3D (2014)


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This download contains TWO albums.
Does NOT include the DVD/Videos

Disc 1:

  1. Chapter 9: 3D
  2. Directors Cut (Alice In Zombieland)
  3. Covered In Blood (I’m A Vampire)
  4. Murder Me In 3D (The Killer Never Dies)
  5. The Never End Of Me And My Enemy
  6. Stuck In Solitude (Emptysight Remix)
  7. Heartbeat (Fruity Remix)
  8. Human Salad (feat. Bukshot / Scum / Denace)
  9. The Evilution Remix (Feat. Q Strange)
  10. Bloodsteps (Feat. Jahred Gomes)
  11. The Hate Anthem (Myself Mutilation)
  12. Bodyrott (Positive and Negative)
  13. Brain Taco (Feat. BubZombie)
  14. My Big Fat Dick (Say What?)
  15. Sex Toy (Industrial Kink Mix)
  16. All About You (Berzerker Cover)
  17. Manic Depresso (Sykotik Cover)
  18. Heartless Zombie (No Emotion)

Disc 2:

  1. Stuck In My Mind
  2. Get The Fuck Up Outta My Face
  3. Fuck Me (Unreleased Breakup Mix)
  4. Fuck This Fuckin Remix (Feat. Chico)
  5. House Of Pain (Feat. T.O.N.E-z & ill e. gal)
  6. KcaveMen – Coconuts (Demo)
  7. KcaveMen – Frozen (Demo)
  8. Rectal Birth – Ass To Mouth
  9. Rectal Birth – Penetration (Remix)
  10. Horror Everywhere! (Feat. Korax)
  11. Outsider Artist (Grindhouse Remix)
  12. Who Do You Voodoo (Cover)
  13. Killin Shit (Part II: Aphex Predator)
  14. The 10th Chapter (Teaser Trailer)
  15. Fuck You Forever
  16. The Reason (Alzymerz Cover)
  17. The Diary (Hollywood Undead Cover)
  18. The Pressure It Feeds (Mark Schwaber Cover)

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