CD - KidCrusher - Tormented Mutation (2006)


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KidCrusher’s debut studio album “Tormented Mutation” originally released June 6, 2006.  Featuring the singles “SWEET DREAMz” – “DIARY OF A MADMAN” & “FUCKING BLOODY MARY“.

Track Listing:

  1. Warning
  2. Step Into My Mynd
  3. Creep (feat. Stash)
  4. Cutting Flesh
  5. Walk Wid Da Dead (feat. Stash)
  6. Intermission
  7. Diary Of A Madman (feat. Stash)
  8. Fucking Bloody Mary
  9. Sweet Dreamz (feat. Stash)
  10. The Next Chapter (feat. Peter Because)

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