CD - KidCrusher - The Grinch (2010)


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Chico grinch ill e. gal Kid Crusher KidCrusher (Australia) Stash Stash & KidCrusher The Grinch The Naughty List Trips (Australia)

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Track List:

  1. The Naughty List
  2. Silent Night Deadly Night
  3. Oh Fuck My Christmas Tree
  4. Scared Stoopid (Feat. Trips)
  5. Outcast (Feat. SwizZz/Chico)
  6. Slime In The Sewers
  7. Party Crashers (Feat. Trips)
  8. Bad Thing (What You Do)
  9. The Dope Pinch Remix
  10. Spark That Remix (Feat. Stash)
  11. Feel’s So Right (ICP Cover)
  12. Haunted by Negativity
  13. Purple Hayze (Feat. ill e. gal/stash)
  14. The Next Page To Turn

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