CD - KidCrusher - Metal Murder Mixtape (2008)


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Chico Horrorcore Kid Crusher KidCrusher (Australia) Metal Murder Metal Murder Mixtape Razakel Sicktanick Trips (Australia) Wicked Shit

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Track Listing:

  1. Chapter 5: Metal Murder
  2. Cry Wolf Creek (Feat. Mars)
  3. Trips & KidCrusher – Lyrical Arsonists
  4. Killin Shit! (Feat. Trips & Chico)
  5. Run Bitch Run! (Feat. Lo Key)
  6. Fuck Me (Feat. Dead Arm)
  7. States Evidence Of Suicide
  8. Float (Feat. Nascent)
  9. Bloody (Feat. Chico)
  10. Clean Cuts & Dead Sluts (Feat. RottenMouth/Syniister)
  11. Last Laugh (Feat. Chico/Leprikon/Razakel/Sicktanick)
  12. Murder In The Dark (Feat. Dyad Souls)
  13. Murder Party (Everyone Must Die)
  14. Perpetrators (Cannibal Clown Remix)
  15. A Dirty Fuckin Remix
  16. Blame The Bodies (Remaster)
  17. I HEAR Dead People (feat. Chico)
  18. The Puppet Master (Feat. Project X)
  19. Wait & Bleed (Slipknot Cover)
  20. Suicide Hotline (ICP Cover)
  21. My Torture Chamber

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