Mixing & Mastering


In today’s music world, it is very important to have your music engineered to broadcast-quality, industry standards (especially if you are seeking radio play, licensing placements, or presenting it to record labels). You would not believe how many potential deals have gone bad because the music quality not up-to-par. Making your music sound the best is important, which is why I offer professional and affordable mixing & mastering services to all recording artists, producers, beat-makers, labels, and music enthusiasts.

Mix & Mastering – $50 (per song)

*For songs in need of mixing, bounce/track-out the files in .WAV format and zip into a folder. All songs to be mastered should also be in .WAV format.

  1. Contact us and be sure to indicate your service(s) in the subject.
  2. Once received, I will email back a PayPal invoice with service details.
  3. Upon completion of payment, work will begin on your tracks. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your newly edited files.