Who’s behind Victim Gear’s Beats?

Shawn Montague (aka) KidCrusher

KidCrusher is a horror rapper/producer from Adelaide, South Australia. Well known by his collaboration on Insane Clown Posse‘s sub-label “Hatchet House” on their compilation album Tunnel Runners. He has toured with major acts such as; ICP, Tech N9ne, Xzibit, Hopsin, Hed Pe, Mushroomhead, The Berzerker and more. He has released over 12 studio albums independently unsigned and underground. With that, he created an online CD store for his merchandise entitled Victim Gear, which expanded to Downloads, Shirts and now Services such as Beats For Sale, Mastering, Video Editing and anything else to help the underground evolve into the sickest and most powerful product it can be.

Producer Credits: KidCrusher, Rectal Birth, KcaveMen, DJ Nameless, EP Productions, Trips, Chico, Dyad Souls, Tone-z & Underground Hustlin.

TV/Movie Credits: Law & Order, From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl, The Disturbed, Death Death Documentary, Murderdrome & She Borg Massacre.

Awards: Metal Murder 3D – 2015 Album Of The Year (Faygoluvers)