Metal Murder 3D

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The Third Edition of The Metal Murder Mixtape series is currently in production with Bub Zombie & KidCrusher, following will be a Limited 100 cardboard Digipak CD Release with a DVD and 11×20 Poster All Individually Autographed by KidCrusher. There will also be a Standard Jewel Case CD Edition and iTunes Edition, without so many features and bonus tracks. The CD will be 42 tracks deep, Collaborations are still in progress, The Genre of the album combines Industrial, Death Metal and Deathstep.┬áThe DVD in production with Strongman Pictures (Producers of Meet The Monstors/The Naughty List) will be a short Music Video Movie shot in 3D for the single off the album.


The Most Powerful Horrorcore Album I’ve Ever Produced

Quoted by KidCrusher.


No current release date but we are hoping to release it near the end of the year, or the end of the world as we know it, as there is a TUN of work to go into the project, Help Fund The Project by purchasing some other Victim Gear on our site! It will be worth the wait along side KidCrushers upcoming American Tour!


An Atomic Bomb That’s Going To Drop When You Least Expect It

Quoted by KidCrusher.

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